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With the recent economic downturn around the globe many companies and businesses are now looking at how to cut costs. The unfortunate truth is that for many companies the largest expense is that of employing staff and for some the first cost-cutting exercise is to start by reducing hours or even redundancies.

Very often it is staff such as receptionists or personal assistants who are first to go as they may not (through no fault of there own) be fully occupied all of the time. However, the work they were doing still needs to be done once they're gone be it answering the phones, diary management, sales enquiries or placing orders and so many companies are now looking to outsource to a virtual PA (Personal Assistant) for cover or a telephone answering service.

Many people struggle to fully understand how a virtual PA will fit into their business model and for some it may not be the correct route to take, but as many virtual PA services offer free trials it's certainly something that a small business should give a try, especially if they are experiencing some overflow calls.

The purpose of this website (hopefully) is to give you a clear understanding of what a virtual PA can and cannot do, how they are able to answer you calls correctly, how they deliver messages to you, how to divert calls and also how they should be able to save you money.

Try a Virtual PA service for free

If you would like a free trial of a Virtual PA service we recommend Connect Communications on 0845 124 6000 for a no obligation, 30 day free trial. Based in Edinburgh in the UK, Connect Communications can handle all your inbound calls or just the overflow.

Directory of Virtual PA providers

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